Children of the Ammane
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The Ammanene are the children and descendants of mortal Ammanders and the Ammane, Powers that grew with and watched over the old forests of the Ammand. The last of the Ammane died with their forests during the Expansion of the Greater Power, but the Ammanene survived, their heritage scattered and cities destroyed. As the wizardry of the Ammand faded the Ammanene waned still further; the last of these noble folk crossed the Unending Sea to the Vanished Isles and further, stranger destinations - such as the Enclave.

Even the least of the Ammanene are gifted, or cursed as some say, with great empathy and understanding. A little of the power of the Ammane flows in their veins, even now with the passage of time and generations. The greatest of the Shining Ammanene of old glowed with beauty, able to halt an army with a gesture and move the most hardened of men to tears with a smile and a single word.

[ Posted by Reason on December 26, 2004 ]