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[intsublang searCH2.4 - extractset:

source <WorldStan HistArchives, 5 followup> format <strip, bestguess> context <manifest, sleeper, bio, PHPS6> keys <Just Joseph, Shan Li, Mary Qu'on>

{opench//WorldStan HistArchives Access02--3.82/

Orig: HegData
OrSet: glyphformat auth6 Mandarin Standard
TransSet: glyphformat [local] NorAm/Euro Standard 3
StripRelevance: -1.7

Location: Cap721
Given Name: Just Joseph
PosID: Partial
UCHS MedCat: 3.2 invasive nanotectites, crystal formation
Genome (MisenNum): None
EndComment: PosID by name/ physique/ HabTower visarchives. Full records presumed lost in NorAm. Genome close to MN Base+32a1, submitted for categorization.
Class: A (legal-null/ awaiting treatment)

Location: Cap5915
Given Name: Shan Li
PosID: <Restricted by request>
UCHS MedCat: <Restricted by request>
Genome (MisenNum): <Restricted by request>
End Comment: <Restricted by request>
Class: <Restricted by request>

Location: Cap2490
Given Name: Mary Qu'on
PosID: Full
UCHS MedCat: 12.1 explosive decompression, cellular freezing, high-velocity impact
Genome (MisenNum): 220Frame-Mod1
EndComment: PosID from associate MedCenter records (Charon, JupOrb, PekingLower).
Class: C (unclaimed post-pended legal-null/ awaiting treatment)



[ Posted by Reason on December 24, 2004 ]