Notions of Worth
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The Ammander people brought their notions of worth and law to the Enclave; magisters, Lords, nobles and councils (upstart or otherwise) rule the towns and villages. In the Ammand of old, the people were led by far grander kings and high sages skilled in wizardry. Those times are long gone, but life is much the same for common folk - allegience is owed, taxes are grudgingly paid, laws are made and obeyed.

Most Datarii find this all somewhere between amusing, contemptible and unworthy of notice. Like the Ammanene, they stand apart from the society of common and less common folk - although their reasons could not be more different. The descendants of the Magi, deprived of a heritage of their own through strange and powerful wizardry, long ago adopted Ammander ways.

So it was that the Enclave came to look much as it is today, a land bordered by the Farthest and home to strange folk, yet not so unlike the Middle Reach of the Ammand.

[ Posted by Reason on December 30, 2004 ]