Tal's Daughter
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"Elbows in all the wrong places," Tal is prone to grumble. His daughter - no Datar, but as skilled as any in stone and metal - came from the Farthest, found wandering the deep halls of Dar's Craft where the Datarii carve Unfinished Works and the border of beyond is close. To hear the older Datar retell the story to all who pause and listen, the Beautiful Stranger herself stepped out of the Farthest Craft to foster this Lost one on Tal.

Tal's Daughter is strange, unlikely in appearance and far from her birthplace. She refuses any name and never learned the gruff tounge of the Datarii. She speaks through stone in the deep halls, and the Datarii of Dar's Craft are fiercely proud of their Visitor.

The oldest stories, those said to come from the Draugh, speak favorably of charity to the Lost. Datarii respect the old wisdom, the craft of storytellers and wise ones long gone. Be kind to the Farthest, kind to the Lost, for one day you may need such kindness yourself.

[ Posted by Reason on December 21, 2004 ]