The Magi Come
The Enclave > Seasons Long Past

Long before their lands and people became Lost, seafaring Magi from the Vanished Isles explored the Enclave shores. In those days, what is now the city of Port began as a mere trading post, a small population of seafarers and native Datarii ebbing and swelling with the turning of seasons and the strange tides of the Unending Sea.

Datarii greatly valued the knowledge of the Magi; in turn, the Magi recognized the potential of raw Datarii stonework. With the passing of years, the trading post became a small town. High-prowed vessels from the Isles plied their way to the Enclave in greater numbers, returning home heavily laden. Datarii halls, deep and shallow, echoed to the sound of strange wizardry. The Datarii prospered.

As has always been way of things on the Unending Sea, the tracery of sailing routes brought the Isles and the Enclave closer. A journey that once required puissant wizardry and the greatest of Magi came within reach of the youngest adepts. In those years long ago, the Magi traded widely across the Unending Sea, and the Sea was made smaller by their wizardry.

For all their knowledge and trade with the Datarii, the Magi never came to fully understand the nature of the Enclave and the Farthest before they became Lost. Visitors and Trespassers from the Farthest were no more or less remarkable to the Magi than dwellers in other lands bordering on the Unending Sea - the seafarers did not explore the Farthest in the same manner as the Datarii and the Draugh before them.

[ Posted by Reason on December 20, 2004 ]