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Strong as stone, gray as stone, stubborn as stone, Datarii have dwelt beneath the mountains of the Enclave for as long as those mountains have existed. The oldest of Datarii legends credit the Draugh with bringing into being such unnecessary things as open sky and falling waters. Before that time, all of creation was peaceful stone and ore, waiting for the Datarii to shape it. In their economic, ancient language, "Datarii" means "those who shape rock" or simply "the stonefolk," the act of shaping implied by simple association.

Thoughtful, considered, determined individualists for the most part, Datarii craft homes, halls and unending series of Unfinished Works from the living mountain rock. The stonefolk have little use for leaders or intricate laws, and seem - in stark contrast to the other folk of the Enclave - to live peacefully and well without either.

The Datarii distaste for water is well known. Only the most pragmatic or willful Datar ventures forth from the uppermost halls into the world of seasons, summer rain, mud, rivers, frost and snow-laden wind. The face and motivations of the stonefolk turned to the wider Enclave are those of the trader, the outcast, the unusual and the motivated. This subtlety is not widely understood by Ammanders and the descendants of Lost Magi living under the open Enclave sky.

[ Posted by Reason on December 22, 2004 ]