Ur Maka
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Ur Maka, Great Eaters or Eaters of Great Things as the sages understand the crude Neth language, are the largest and most brutish of the Neth. Twice as tall as an Ammander, and just as broad, an Ur Maka resembles nothing quite so much as a giant, twisted Datar, both repulsive and terrifying.

Ur Maka are enormously strong, quite capable of tearing lesser Neth limb from limb. For the Ur Maka, all other smaller beings are Totchun Ur and little else. The Great Eaters, bile-dripping and horrific, are just as vindictive and hateful as any Neth. They are not clever, however, nor gifted with foresight, a fact that has saved the life of more than one spearman from the King's Keep on the Forest Road in the depths of winter.

[ Posted by Reason on December 25, 2004 ]