The Year of Winter
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Not much more than a generation past, Trespassers spilled into the Enclave from deep within the Farthest Winter. Monsterous forms of ice and sleet trampled trees, cattle, warriors and the works of mortals underfoot, plunging the land into deepest winter for a year. Neth froze solid in their encampments, Ammander townsfolk starved, and even the Datarii suffered greatly.

The Trespassers of Farthest Winter were ultimately banished through the courage, wizardry and sacrifice of the renowned Emerald Company. To this day, the Trespassers rage and howl within the ruined Winter Fortress, far from Enclave towns and cities, warded and rendered powerless.

This is why the common Ammander folk say that winter is always just beyond the Farthest Hills.

[ Posted by Reason on December 28, 2004 ]