Expansion of the Greater Power
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The Greater Power came to tread the Ammand underfoot in a long-ago time when the Shining Ammanene built great cities and Ammander sages wrought subtle wizardry. The Power taught his ways of conquest and craft to the lesser folk; armies marched where he passed, the old ways lost as Ammanene fled and the forests of the Ammane burned.

The end is well known: in the last grim days of the Expansion, The Ebon brought the remaining sages of the Ammand to his black tower by the Unending Sea. The iron doors closed on them all, but only The Ebon emerged, bowed and aged under the weight of stolen knowledge. The Ebon, dying yet greater in aspect than any mortal Ammander, met the Greater Power; the wizardry of ink and quiet words to face the one who felled the Ammane. No one knows what passed between these two. The earth and sky cracked, screaming heat from below and cold from above; The Ebon and the Greater Power were extinguished utterly. With them died the last great wizardry of the Ammand and its people.

The Ammanene lingered on, a saddened folk who no longer built their famed cities. For their part, the Ammanders came to remember more of the teachings of the Greater Power than of the old ways. They turned from the land to build great, smoke-filled towns and intricate machines, involving themselves in petty disputes and wars.

Those who could not stand this life took to the Unending Sea in search of a far, and better, shore. For a long time following the end of the Expansion, ships from the Vanished Isles would still dock in Ammander ports. Even the practiced wizardry of the Magi now guttered and faded in the Ammand, however. The waters of the Unending Sea roiled, untamed, a barrier to all but the most capable of seafarers. As the years passed, the trade ships of the Magi came less frequently, until eventually they called no more.

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