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Not all who come from the Farthest are friendly - or willing. Trespassers, as the Datarii call them, are violent, angry and destructive Visitors. Trespassers are fortunately rare, only to be expected in fear when the Enclave touches upon the Farthest Battle. It is said, however, that sages of the Black Tower and followers of darker Powers know of wizardry to call Trespassers from the deep Farthest, meddling in a balance best left alone.

Of the many stories of the Emerald Company, the Farthest-Broken Raid is but rarely told by warriors, and then only in hushed tones. Neth from the Road in the Greenwood were seen from the villages before even first snow that year, like long-dead things carried by the tide of winter. The Company, bolstered by Ammander spearmen, rode forth to drive these most vile Neth back beyond the Known Roads. Yet many great and shambling Ur Maka were amongst the lesser Neth - a pitched battle developed amidst the stench of Neth earthworks and rotting game. Neth and Ammander stepped into the Farthest Battle, which in turn stepped into the Enclave. Powerful warriors, white of skin and strange of face, came forth from the confusion of blood and death to smite at spearmen, Neth and Emerald Company alike.

Neth broke and fled as the bile of the last Ur Maka tainted the snow, as did the Ammander spearmen. The White Trespassers tore at snow, Neth-turned earth, bodies and each other. There died Arith of the Company, last of the first, her body never found.

It came to be a part of the tale that cruel, dark-minded Neth had come to an ancient place of the Draugh, had found wizardry to summon forth the White Ones - but who can tell the truth of these matters? It is not a tale that those who know best, those who once wore an emerald broach, like to retell.

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