We Who Are Eaters, They Who Are Eaten
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The uncounted breeds of Neth - a Datarii name that has spread into common usage, an old, old word from the Draugh with associations of destruction or ruined craftwork - appear grotesque to mortal folk of the Enclave. Neth are a varying mix of hateful, violent, pitiful, cruel, loathsome and cunning, as if the worst of all mortals and beasts were mixed together and poorly cooked. Neth of all varieties spawn true with each other; only short lives, brutality and perpetual infighting keep them from consuming the Known Roads of the Enclave.

Neth call themselves Totchak Ur - We Who Are Eaters. Other Enclave folk and lesser Neth are the Totchun Ur - They Who Are Eaten. Neth are sickening in their omnivorousness, but the Eater-Eaten view of the world appears to be as symbolic and ritualistic as it is literal. Neth society, for all its ugly violence, is more sophisticated than it might at first appear.

[ Posted by Reason on December 25, 2004 ]