Declarations and Refutations
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There are refutations and then there are Refutations; the wizardry of Ammander sages is subtle but surprisingly effective. The common folk of the Enclave believe that a compelling case in ink or oratory can sway the Powers and the Farthest. Many an old legend tells of Trespassers summoned and banished, of curses, punishments and rewards created from nothing more than quill, ink and knowledge.

The Silent, one of the many to disappear into the tower of The Ebon in the time of the Greater Power, was a prolific writer. Her papers and tomes on every subject imaginable piled high about her isolated manse. As her name might suggest, The Silent found noise quite intolerable.

An Ammander merchant and his mules came uninvited one day in high summer, or so the story goes, determined to buy as much as he could. Many papers should mean a low price, after all. The Silent would have nothing to do with this trader, so there he stayed - shouting, singing, kicking up dried tinder and warming himself by a crackling fire as night fell. The mules brayed incessantly.

The Silent could stand no more than a day and a night of this terrible fellow and his animals. She wrote a Refutation to end all Refutations, direct and puissant, scribed most carefully on the cheapest, poorest parchment. The sage emerged from her manse to thrust the Refutation upon the trader. His face paled upon the reading of it, and he ran as though the Powers themselves were chasing him - but in silence. For all we know, he is running still, Refutation clutched tightly in his hands, somewhere in the far reaches of the Ammand.

The Silent, or so the storytellers would have us believe, dined well on salted mule for half a season.

[ Posted by Reason on January 4, 2005 ]