Fisher in Darkness
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Ammander and Vanished Islander folk from Port and coastal villages venture forth in small boats on calm nights to catch glowfish and spineels. Gently bobbing lanterns in the darkness of the Unending Sea are a common sight in warm seasons.

The Fisher in Darkness is the kindly old stranger who offers advice and points the way; only later do you realize him to have been a trusted keeper of your deepest secrets all along. He has mastered his own great hardships and is at peace in the quiet final seasons of a full life - a life you will never fully appreciate no how long you spend listening to his tales.

The Fisher in Darkness chooses to be alone and apart; he loves to fish in the expansive darkness of the Unending Sea, but hates to spoil the mood by catching anything. The farthest lamp from shore may just be this Power, rowing out of the Farthest Sea to enjoy a warm summer night and the sight of other fisherfolk living their lives.

Statues of the Fisher in Darkness can be found all along the waterfront in Port, from the traditional aged man, lamp and rowboat in the dockside market to the stylised stone lanterns at the end of many jetties.

[ Posted by Reason on January 13, 2005 ]