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[MEMORY: City Soul 230f23a:114bac0-114bae7

Adjudicator, I am giving formal notice regarding a complaint against the kings. They are causing a great deal of upset amongst the Latter Day Godfearers, socialist workers and language learners. Even the Neutralist Swedes are up in arms, which should indicate the serious nature of this complaint.

I am as eager to maintain the unique nature of our district as any, but I must point out that the kings are taking advantage of the credulous in the Branch Maze. They act on information that I can show to be simply incorrect and are, I suspect, being very selective in the supporting evidence they have supplied to yourself and other adjudicators.

My sources close to the Great Larchive of the Fourth Shade have demonstrated to me that secular devotional theft did not ever exist in the form the kings seem to understand. It is becoming hard to credit this in particular - as well as many other major discrepencies of research - to accident or poor larchivism. Where would we be if everyone were permitted to pick, choose and invent interpretations of the Old World to their best advantage? If the adjucators do not promptly address this issue, I will be forced to talk to the Branch Maze directly. I think we all know where that will lead.

In short, if the kings cannot enter our community on our terms, they must be subject to adjudication. As always, I am prepared to accept counterarguments based on your larchive sources.


[ Posted by Reason on January 24, 2005 ]