Lady Moonlit
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Put down your tools and listen a moment.

Once upon a time in the far away Ammand, a young noblewoman decided that she would be the very best at everything she ever attempted. There is no story in that, no mystery beyond why this was her truest nature. She determined to perfection in the same way you determine to wake each morning or take each new breath.

Thus the young noblewoman worked, and worked hard, for there is no other certain way to become the very best. She did not court, nor attend the yearly fairs, nor pay attention to her duties. In time, she did not even come forth during the day - she worked by the light of the moon, away from the distractions of her household. The years passed and the young noblewoman became the Lady of her house, but still she worked. The privileged few to behold the results of her talents were amazed, but she did not indulge her increasingly rare visitors. In time, even the last retainers left and the manse of the Lady become dark and unkempt.

Still she worked by moonlight. The Lady was indeed the best; better than any famed smith, any known horseman, any artisan or crafter. That was what mattered to her, and that was what she had become. Eventually, as for all mortals, the sands of time ran out. The Lady no longer appeared by night, nor at all.

Yet wondering stories were already told, far and wide across the Ammand. As time passed, the troubadors called her Lady Moonlit, for in truth no-one remembered her given name. Guilds took her as a patron, but no-one recalled her likeness.

Where is the Lady Moonlit? Why, in the Farthest, of course. You must be kind to Visitors from the Farthest Guilds, for they may have met and learned from the best of all. And all of you - you could do worse than try to follow the example of the Lady.

[ Posted by Reason on January 30, 2005 ]