Laelene, the Eldest Tree
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The Sons and Daughters of the Ammane retreated from our towns, as before. We of the Ammand are disappointments, mortals stained by the actions of our ancestors in service to the Greater Power. The Ammanene witnessed their own destruction; this they recall and suffer yet. It can be seen in their eyes, heard in their beautiful voices.

Laelene, the eldest tree and beloved of the Ammane, was cruelly hacked down and burned during the Expansion of the Greater Power. The remaining cities of the Shining Ammanene soon followed. Yet in this far removed place and time, deep within the Farthest Woods, the Ammanene have glimpsed Laelene. A temple of the old style has been raised at the Watch of Trees. Hopeful priests, a few more with each new summer, atone for our past by accepting wisdom from the sorrowful Ammanene.

We are told that peace, acceptance and forgiveness lie beneath the spreading branches of Laelene. Creation's green wilds are uncritical of our errors and misdeeds; in accepting this, we can find the path that leads beyond our failings.

[ Posted by Reason on January 21, 2005 ]