Legends of the Draugh
The Enclave > Seasons Long Past

The Draugh preceeded the Datarii, passing into obscure legend long before the Magi came from the Unending Sea to build the Light Towers of Port. The only tangible remnants of the Draugh are a few ancient words in the Datarii language and a handful of mysterious black stone structures, such as the craggy Black Tower of Three Stones.

Datarii believe that the Draugh created everything above the mountain rock; air, sky, water and the green wilds - as well as the Unending Sea and those who sail it. The Draugh were crafters like the Datarii, but greater beings: wielders of potent wizardry who shaped creation as the stonefolk shape rock.

No-one knows what the Draugh looked like, or what became of them. Some of the oldest Datarii myths claim the Draugh returned to the Farthest in order to join the Crafter. Others tell of the way in which the Powers banished the Draugh to the deepest places beneath the Enclave. Still others claim the Powers and the Draugh to be one and the same, or that Draugh and Datarii share a common heritage. The truth, as for many things, is lost to time.

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