Lost Amidst Unfinished Works
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The Expected Smile - that most unusual of characters, an anonymous yet prolific sage - lived and wrote before the Vanishing, when Ammander folk still arrived in Port aboard Magi tradeships and Three Stones was but a village about the base of the Black Tower. The works of this hidden figure, a contemporary of The Denier, were fashionably popular for generations; widely copied, imitated, expanded and deconstructed. The Expected Smile has fallen out of favor in the present community of sages, but cultured folk are expected to show some knowledge of the more important works.

On the subject of the Datarii, The Expected Smile wrote that "the strangers who come from under the mountains in dry summers are born and age in the manner of mortals, yet do not die in the manner of mortals. When they return to their vaults and halls beneath the peaks they call 'Great Home,' these strangers create wonders. This is their purpose, uncaringly hidden and uncaringly noble, to endlessly draw beauty and mystery from rock. The greatest stonemason in all the Ammand would throw down his tools in despair if he could but see the least of what the strangers call 'Unfinished Works.'"

A mortal could travel a lifetime in the Crafts beneath Great Home - assuming they did not quickly become lost in the Farthest Halls - yet see but a fraction of generations of Unfinished Works. As a Datar ages, the body remains strong but the mind is whelmed by the weight of memory and purpose. Old stonefolk stray into forgetfulness, strange manners and deep thought, finally becoming uncommunicative and single-minded in their creations - lost amidst Unfinished Works both real and imagined.

The oldest Datarii vanish into the Farthest, perhaps by accident, perhaps by design. Deep in the Farthest Craft is the Power known as the Crafter, a being of visions and purposes, lost in his own self, a shaper of shapers, the origin of all things. In Datarii legend, all Lost stonefolk ultimately return to the Crafter, there to find their destiny in the Farthest realms of creation.

[ Posted by Reason on January 23, 2005 ]