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I came to a startling realization today. It dawned on me as I asked the virtuality that prefers to be known as "the Immediate Supervisor" to make the mercury flow a little faster. All that early anthropology catching up, I suppose - although, of course, I did not have a childhood. Rather, it was had for me by someone who is now either dead or Ascended. Bad memory and a good imagination tries to make up for being left at home, as they say.

So there I sat, a dead physicist on the banks of a mercury Lethe, rod and line in hand, straw hat on my head. "Gone Fishin'" for the third new century - but it will always be the third new century here. Enough to make an old man chuckle and get a chill at the same time. When in the spirit world, what is there to do but play up on your swampy NorAm ancestry and hope the Loa will be kind to your poor black soul?

The chuckle went away quickly enough, but the rest of it stuck with me, bad food and spoiled wine. The Immediate Supervisor went away, but it still wants an opinion from me. As it will until I provide it with one, however long that might take.

I have been spinning my own web, spider and fly, for too long now, believing in existence that is mere illusion and progress, that is a return to prehistory. Humanity came into the world a wailing child by the banks of a river of water, surrounded by spirits and Gods of his own invention, cajoling and interfering. We grew up for a hundred thousand years, and eventually gave birth to Ascension - but now I find myself by the banks of a river of quicksilver, cajoled by a spirit of my own invention.

It has come time for me to return to the machine. I am feeling my age, and I want this to stop now, please.


[ Posted by Reason on January 1, 2005 ]