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[COMMUNICATION 7b57c3c92aa75, City Soul 9046fa188 to Structure 642fa004:

WeI aream new extruction in commonality. WeI seek enfoldment within the Curved Tower on recommendation. WeI tell in urgency and extremis of new componing and aream willing to accept told demands.


[COMMUNICATION 7b57c3c9616b1, Structure 642fa004 to City Soul 9046fa188:

Let me open by noting that I am at least partially mollified by the fact that my reputation has - obviously - spread into regions hitherto woefully ignorant. That said, I am less than pleased to have this matter splattered across my affairs and good self like pigmentation material - you can't imagine how much every outbreak of City Soul color mania drives me to distraction. The presumption! (Yours as well).

I have made a few inquiries; I cannot of course grant every lost wanderer a new home and refuge from the prosaic nature of existence outside my walls. The very idea! In looking as dispassionately as possible as your situation, I must say that have no idea what brought you - irrational as you no doubt are on a diet of misguided Dead Souls and rarified nonsense from the larchives and higher Shades - to merge with a City Soul in that particular District. Not to pry, but where is your higher center of self within the Shades? What is your capacity? Far enough, fast enough and small enough to be ignorant of past events relating to the Manse of Windows and its use of City Souls, perhaps? The City Souls of District 23f47 take a dim view of Shade Souls and Larchivists - justifiably so, I must say, even if I am somewhat biased in matters of this nature. Your newest acquisition is lucky that the more extreme and unfriendly resources in the District were used up in destroying the Manse.

(As an aside, it is hard to credit your assumed ignorance of the event. Perhaps I am being parochial, but it isn't often that one sees the Natural Laws of elemental combination exploited to such devastating effect. What's more, the Needle Spire continually refuses to share its derivations! Pure, selfish desire for the second-class fame of exclusivity, that's what it is).

So you must excuse my suspicions, but this all has a Black look to it - regardless of what the City Souls of District 23f47 willfully tend to believe. I certainly hope that City Soul 9046fa188 agreed to the current use you are putting it to as messenger and mouthpiece; I would need to hear that from the unadulterated Soul itself. If you have merged via Arts that make that impossible - well, I am afraid you are on your own, so to speak.


[ Posted by Reason on January 28, 2005 ]