The Powers That Be
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Sages of the old Ammand had much to say on the matter of Powers, but little of this work was brought to the Enclave. The Oath wrote that Powers are "the attempt of all creation to speak to itself, wise in ways we can never understand," while The Feather believed that the Powers of the Ammand - the Ammane - were nothing more than a puissant form of Ammanene wizardry. The power of the Ammane could scarely be refuted, whatever its origin; the knowledge of sages and strength of armies paled before it. Yet the Ammane kept to their forests and did not reach out to interfere with the lives of mortal Ammanders.

The Powers of the Enclave are said to be hidden in the deep Farthest. The same sages who wrote of the Quintessential Realms referred to these Powers as Ideals, "reflections cast from the pool of creation, each one known by a thousand names yet instantly recognized at first sight." Others call this wishful thinking, nothing more than a futile attempt to recapture the long-dead Ammane. What is there to the Powers of the Farthest beyond song, legend and pervasive belief?

The Datarii knew of Powers before the Magi founded Port and spoke respectfully of the Beautiful Stranger and the Crafter in those long ago seasons. The Neth build strange wooden structures and conduct cruel rituals out of fear, hatred and envy of the Eaters of All and their own brethren. Ammanders and Ammanene see their own Powers in the Farthest, some of whom were once mortal. The common folk make offerings and visit temples in Port and Three Stones in the hope of gaining favor.

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