The Vanishing
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The seafaring Magi loved their lush, balmy Isles, a peaceful home of glistening towers, high cliffs, sleepy towns and sheltered harbors. The secrets of a hundred lands lay within the great libraries of the Magi, and trade with a hundred more enriched commoner and seafarer alike. Yet only a fraction of the knowledge and wizardry held by the Magi now remains, for the Isles vanished into the Unending Sea - vanished so abruptly and completely that Magi forgot their way, forgot their secrets, forgot even the name of their home.

As the seafarers' songs have it, the Sea took the Isles because the Isles dared to take the Sea. Pride, skill and accomplishment undid the Magi, for the Powers of the Unending Sea could not accept such hubris from mortals.

The high-prowed tradeships berthed in Port sailed anew to seek the Isles each year for many years following the Vanishing. The Magi and their crews aged and, one by one, accepted their fate. They lived, loved and threw themselves into the growth of Port. By the time the most determined and powerful of the last true Isle seafarers were buried or Lost to the Unending Sea, there was little more substance to the Vanished Isles than in any seafarers' song.

[ Posted by Reason on January 4, 2005 ]