Unknown Roads
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Slipping into the Farthest is less of a risk in familiar places, or when following the Known Roads. Young children quickly learn the importance of landmarks and remembering the way. Traveling the unknown, unmarked regions of the Enclave is a very different proposition, however. Location becomes a matter of trust, skill and wizardry: becoming Lost to the Farthest is a very real danger.

Any number of sages and explorers have claimed to own the one true Enclave map over the years; speculative and scholarly works can be found in any library or collection. All are very different but quite likely equally useless.

Exploration was once a prestigious profession. The spread of Ammander and Vanished Isle folk though the Enclave has slowed with the passage of time, however. Distant villages are now close to great natural barriers or the cruel Neth. In past generations, explorers set the route markers for the Known Roads and ventured deep into the Formless, the Greenwood, Lorn, the Datarii mountains of Great Home and Krineth's Hills. Krineth himself was an explorer almost as large as his legend; a man who wrestled with Neth, stole Datarii silver from the stonefolk and returned from being Lost for a season in the Farthest Greenwood. He lies buried in a tomb fit for a Lord in the hills beyond Three Stones that bear his name.

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