Black Stone
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Datarii legends claim that the black stone crags and monuments found throughout the Enclave are remnants of the long-vanished Draugh. Black stone resists the tools of Ammander guildsmen just as it resisted the wizardry of the greatest searfaring Magi; it simply cannot be broken or marked by the Enclave peoples. Even the stonefolk, for whom all rock yields like clay, cannot work Draugh stone.

In truth, most Datarii have little interest in black stone, as for anything that cannot found beneath the mountains of Great Home. Still, The Denier unlocked the secrets of the Black Tower of Three Stones after his time with the stonefolk many generations ago. Other equally important discoveries may yet remain to be made, hidden half in myth and half in the Farthest Enclave.

[ Posted by Reason on February 2, 2005 ]