Mabe and Tole
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The fishing villages of Mabe and Tole huddle on the stony seafront bordering the Low Marsh, within sight of the high cliffs of Port on a clear day. The outskirts of Mabe merge with the salty marshland; village hunters venture deep into the Low Marsh in search of eels and birds. The Ammander fishers here are of a different stock to those of Port or Cael; an insular, surly, worn-looking lot who dwell in tumbledown stone houses and poorly built shacks. They keep to themselves despite the nearby markets of Port; no marked Road leads from the villages to the city.

Commoners and Landsmen tell dark stories about the fisherfolk of Mabe and Tole, calling them moon worshippers, sly murderers or worse. Some claim that the Temple Guard of past generations forced villagers into the Low Marsh and burned their houses in payment for some long-forgotten crime. Regardless, decent folk have had little to do with the inhabitants of Mabe and Tole for a long time.

[ Posted by Reason on February 26, 2005 ]