Sage of the Stone Road
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The Stone Road leads inland from Port, following the Lothar and then the Springsource to the small town of Two Springs and the Whisperwood. From there, the Stone Road passes the great black stone monoliths of One Stone and Two Stones before running between the watchtower hills outside the city wall of Three Stones.

The white-haired, genial Sage of the Stone Road has dwelled in a small cave close to Two Stones for as long as anyone can recall, never seeming a day older as the years pass. In that, the Sage is one of the many mysteries of the Enclave - a fact he seems to revel in. On warm days the Sage wanders the Stone Road, conversing with travelers and charging a whimsical toll of a few coins, an apple, a story, the name of a favored lover, or whatever takes his fancy. Tradition has it that snubbing the Sage brings bad luck; merchants who ply their trade between Port and Three Stones make a point of offering a meal or a kind word when they pass.

[ Posted by Reason on February 2, 2005 ]