The Moon, the Stars and the Unending Sea
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The white moon, closest of the stars according to the most learned sages, shines at night over the Unending Sea. Like the uncertain tides, the moon is a fickle aspect of creation - its round face sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes large and bright, sometimes small and dim.

In the old Ammand, the most ancient of chill mountain folk bowed before the moon and were known as savages for their ways. The Kings of plain and forest rode into the mountains to tear down the moon temples - all this a very long time ago, long before the Greater Power. Moon-faced or moonlover is an old, inoffensive slur amongst Ammanders, meaning fickle ignorance or unthinking, clumsy ways.

The seafaring Magi fought and soothed the moon, stars and tides of the Unending Sea with their wizardry, but that knowledge is long gone, torn away with the Vanishing. Stonefolk care nothing for the moon, but maintain that it is made of mura, the rare metal mortals call Datarii silver. As for the cruel Neth - well, who can tell what Neth think of any subtle concept?

[ Posted by Reason on February 10, 2005 ]