Vessel of Burning Truths
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His existence pales before his knowledge; his name, his history, his part in the dance of mortals have been burned away by the Truths he holds. They flame in his mind, guiding his footsteps far from the world and daily concerns. Like all who find the Burning Truths, he first denied, then reluctantly acquiesced, eagerly quested, and finally accepted. His life is the stuff of legend, yet he might be any man.

All Burning Truths, whether deeply personal or of world-changing significance, are a fragment of the single mystery of creation, recognized by awe and little else. The quest for Truths always leads inexorably into the Farthest, away from the world we know.

Many folk have come to understand the Truths of the Vessel as mere mastery, however; mastery of people, of coin, of skills, of the mundane but significant truths and secrets of a mortal life. So it is that the nobles of Three Stones have long commissioned statues of themselves as the Vessel Ascendent. So it is that priests of seasons past came to write and enforce the law of Three Stones. So it is that the Temple of Powers in Three Stones is led by a charismatic tyrant rather than an introspective seeker of Truth.

[ Posted by Reason on February 9, 2005 ]