Withered, Yellowed Crags
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As ugly as the Neth who dwell within, Krineth's Hills loom over even Three Stones' impressive walls. Grasses grow yellowed in the Hills, the few trees are twisted and bare - streams only flow between the crags after rain, and even the snow seems to fall sparsely over the Hills in winter. The steepest crags are topped by piles of jumbled rock, while the narrowest valleys are choked with boulders. Large rocks litter the earth and scree. The Hills are named for a famed explorer of generations past, but scarely seem worthy of the name in the present time.

The Trade Road follows the boundary of Krineth's Hills from Three Stones to Gold Vale and finally Spire in the shadow of the mountains. It is a long, thirsty journey in summer; the winds carry dust, dirt and sometimes worse things from the Hills. A good number of Ammander spearmen earn a living as merchant guards on the Trade Road.

There was a time when the high born of Three Stones were buried with great ceremony in family tombs dug deep into the largest of Krineth's Hills. Carved route stones marked the way for those who would otherwise become Lost to the Farthest Hills - nobles and priests once traveled to the family tombs with the first snows of winter to pay their respects. Much has changed over the years, however. Krineth's Hills and the tombs of the past have been long been overtaken by lesser Neth: winter brings malicious attacks on travelers and the poor outside the walls of Three Stones.

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