Esula of the Conclave Confers With Her Followers
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That is where you are wrong, Odi. To cry heresy would bring disaster, even though the words of Innis Mei are strong and contrary. She is respected in the Sect of Crafters and has won many friends amongst the honored Sectless; even the Touched look favorably on her work.

No. I shall speak with others of the Conclave, and we shall approach her privately. Perhaps she has simply slipped from the true pathway of the Cult.

Yet again, perhaps we simply need to wait; I hear the rumors of Innis Mei and Asan, a partnership in all but name. Recall the stories of Vulos of the Stronmar Sect - she spoke greatly and often in the Conclave of her generation, and her words were heeded for tens of cycles. Then the One God showed His displeasure with His servant; her child was stillborn and her voice was heard no more in the Hall of the Conclave.

[ Posted by Reason on March 29, 2005 ]