Gean Speaks Candidly to an Initiate
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Oaths and Myths of the Susyan

They give you grudging understanding, Wohken, because you are an Initiate of the Order of the Provider, because the Lights of your God cast shadows on the open rock here beyond Tumnil, because I have traveled farther and longer and am known to their Lord. You in turn must understand that you have given offense to these Oathbound, to my traveling companions.

You have heard the tale of Tur and the Lord, perhaps? To give gifts is a responsibility in our Lightward communities, for great offense comes with a gift given in expectation.

Once it was that the Lord of Nadear wished something from Tur of the Divine. What is not said, and it is not important. Tur declined once, declined twice, for we are neither Wohken nor priests to be ordered here and there by those who bear great titles. The second asking was an insult, you must understand, but a Lord is a Lord and worthy of some respect regardless of his merits. Thus rebuffed, the Lord of Nedear brought six long ropes and twenty skulls of wood to the doorway of Tur of the Divine. For that great warrior, this false gift was too great a slur. He slew the Lord there and then with one deep spear-thrust, before demanding that the life-weighted rope and wood be taken from his sight.

There, and I have said what must be said.

[ Posted by Reason on March 25, 2005 ]