Hesu Nis Whispers of Unidri's Tower
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It still stands atop a cold, frosted, jagged hill at the very edge of the World. The Tower is truly old now, yet shunned by those who know the old legends of Unidri, the Slayer of Families, and wisely so. Even the chill, howling air shuns the Tower, else it would have long gone to dust - dust even in the time of the God-King.

She was more than a mere woman. She conversed with trapped, terrible spirits of the Underwold and lived for many generations beyond her time. All who crossed the path of Unidri met with ill-fortune and untimely death. The Slayer of Families would come then, come and take the bones of her latest victim to the cold rock at the edge of the World.

She crafted her bone Tower for the spirits below the rock of the World, the spirits of her victims trapped and tortured there still. None go there, and none should.

[ Posted by Reason on March 23, 2005 ]