How the Emerald Company Slew the Winter Beasts
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As the snow came, melted and came again that winter, two Trespassing beasts came forth from the Farthest Wilds to hunt commoner folk by night. Terrible they were, teeth the length of your forearm, shaggy but spined like eels, cunning as a man and twice as fast. They made their den in the Commoners' Wild; dragged children screaming from their beds they did, and savaged the militia spears who tried to stop them.

Thirty spears of the old Emerald Company were wintering in Port that year - aye, The Cursed and the hero Tarurn amongst them. The Council pushed the promise of coin upon the Company as the beasts ate men and women. A hundred spears and axes patrolled the frozen streets each night by torchlight, but still the cunning Trespassers took their fill of folks just like you and I. Break down doors they would, or leap from roof to roof with jaws full of man.

Spears, fishing line, tinder and barrels of lamp oil, boy. The Emerald spears took the lines from tree to tree in the Commoners' Wild by day, making paths in the undergrowth and carving route marks on the bark. They knew the Farthest like no other, and had their regets of it too, but they found the beasts' den right enough - a great pit, the bones of children amidst dirt and snow, the stench of rot. Aye, so in went the tinder and the lamp oil and up went the flames! Thirty spears waited for the beasts around the pit and thirty spears took the life of the one that leapt out aflame.

That is how the Emerald Company slew the winter beasts that year. Aye, and that is why you should walk fast past the Wilds, boy. No telling what might be watching you from behind the trees.

[ Posted by Reason on March 19, 2005 ]