Inked by the Thirty-Ninth Congress of Lawmakers
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In this, the Thirty-Ninth Congress of Lawmakers, we set before our people, those of the worthy communities above the Great Scarp, the Tribal Laws that our deliberations have brought forth. The rulings and Laws made by the Lawmakers of this Congress shall be subject to the scrutiny of their peers and crafted with the support of the Tribe.

That most ancient and cherished of all Laws shall once more remain unchanged. In the words of Erias: "Let not one among us take away the faith, ceremony, or freedom of another for fear of difference. Let not one among us forcibly and falsely impose upon another. For have we not all fought side by side?" May his words guide our descendants as they have guided us.

Duseet's Clarification: the people of our Tribe shall be free to worship as they please, even should their Gods be detested and false. They may descend into the Underworld and worship there should they so desire! For to rule otherwise would be to betray the spirit and intent of Erias. Let them be punished for their worship only if they break the Laws of Tribe or Community, but otherwise not at all.

Any agreement between any number of Dispossessed, set out in ink and approved by a Lawmaker, shall be considered binding in the manner of a Law. Such agreements may last for as long as is outlined within the record, or until death. Punishments for a breach of agreement may be allotted within an agreement, or as decreed by a Lawmaker.

No Dispossessed life shall be taken and nor shall injury be caused to any Dispossessed unless death or injury are punishment allowed by the Laws and rightfully allotted by a Lawmaker.

No possession shall be taken or claimed when it belongs to another. If ownership is in doubt, the possession should return to the crafter or the inhabitant of the dwelling from which it came.

To refuse to carry out, or to elude in part or in whole, a punishment given by a Lawmaker shall, in and of itself, be an unlawful action. To speak anything but the truth before a Lawmaker, or to falsely accuse another of breaking a Law shall, in and of itself, be an unlawful action.

Hais' Clarification: when those who break Laws are brought before a Lawmaker, the burden of proof will rest upon those injured or inconvenienced by the lawbreakers. It is the responsibility of the Lawmaker to seek the truth.

Jariad's Clarification: an ignorance of Community Laws shall absolve a lawbreaker of any blame. It is commanded by this, the Thirty-Ninth Congress, that Lawmakers make every reasonable effort to set their Laws before those who arrive in their communities.

Oran Medi's Amendment: from this, the Thirty-Ninth Congress, onwards, travelers in our territory are to be viewed and judged by the Laws of Tribe and Community as thought they were Dispossessed.

Let us now scribe the punishments allowable under the wise Laws of the Tribe.

[ Posted by Reason on March 24, 2005 ]