On the Kalmet, Scribed by Nasah of the Recorder Sect
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There seems to be no pattern to their wandering. I have witnessed two Kalmet surprised by a chance meeting with one another. It seems they have no leaders nor politics. Their meetings are rare, infrequent, and secretive. Kalmet offer no challenge to the established order and present me with nothing but further mysteries. I cannot guess at the qualities that the Kalmet desire. Those who seek out the Kalmet are as likely to become acolytes as not. Acolytes are taught, for tens of cycles, what I now believe to be meaningless and obscuring skills.

Ask any Kalmet to tell you the length or height or weight of an object. He or she will do so exactly, without having to touch, weigh, or guess. Once, many tens of cycles ago, I asked the Kalmet Anik for the weight of the hill we stood atop. After a number of heartbeats, he replied with a very large number. I do not know whether he spoke in jest. Kalmet do not forget. I conversed with the Kalmet Anik a mere cycle past, and he recalled exactly the words we exchanged atop the hill near Hotal.

I have heard it said that the Stronmars have use for the Kalmet. Among the secret records of that Sect, those not shared with even the highest ranks of Recorders, nor yet with the Conclave, the efforts of one Kalmet are worth those of a hundred acolytes.

I have discovered the fragment of an old tale in the Tower of Lesser Records. I will set forth what little of the faded inkwork I can decipher: "The God-King spoke with wroth, and would have known to Him the number of His subjects. Yet still, they were so great in number that none could count them. But thence the last councillor, wiser than the others, brought the oldest Kalmet before the God-King. The Kalmet spoke a great number, and the God-King was satisfied. He offered many bodies of wood in reward, but the oldest Kalmet refused."

I am humbled to find a text paraphrasing my own, copied from long crumbled leather, first written during the early Pathway Wars. The Kalmet cannot have changed since that time.

[ Posted by Reason on March 23, 2005 ]