One Stone and the Summer Fair
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The black monolith of One Stone looms over the Stone Road, an upturned, unworked boulder in form, yet a reminder that the wizardry of the Draugh once shaped the Enclave.

One Stone marks the point at which travelers stop for the night after departing Two Springs in the early morning - stories are told of dire happenings on the Road between these locations and in the outskirts of nearby Whisperwood. Tales of horrific Trespassers from the Farthest and malign wizardry loom large in the minds of travelers; to be on the Road after dark is a frightening prospect.

In warmer seasons, folk from Two Springs set up stalls and shelters near One Stone to sell provisions and entertainment to travelers. At the height of Summer, the modest One Stone fair attracts traders and common folk from Port, Two Springs and nearby villages. Troubadors play the old songs; young lovers dance in the shadow of One Stone; tables are laid with white cloth and farm food; elder folk exchange news and tall stories. Passing travelers might be forgiven for imagining that little has changed since the days of the old Ammand.

[ Posted by Reason on March 17, 2005 ]