Seruit's Lament on the Conclave of the One God
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Wisdom of the Order of the Provider > On the Cult of the One God

It came to pass that the Cult of the One God grew large. Their Shrines sprouted from the rock as Jolo Root from flattened grass. Their pride bolstered, the Conclave came to decide upon the Provider. Those jealous priests called our great and generous God but a Spirit, but a part of the One God! We can expect no better from those who listen to the words of others before the voice of their own inner spirit.

The honored Council of Tumnil spoke with great wroth until those false priests recanted. Recanted, yes, but their words still lie fading upon cracked leather, read and spoken by their descendants, taught to children across the length and breadth of the World.

[ Posted by Reason on March 22, 2005 ]