Spears and Blades Like Seeds Beneath the Fields
The Enclave > Seasons Long Past

Generations ago, the finest of the Temple Guard bled and died on the grass beyond Port - the first and last great meeting of spear and blade after the old Ammand tradition in the Enclave. The Farthest Battle opened like a sudden thunderstorm, crushing the opposing spearmen of Port and Three Stones into confusion and flight amidst lumbering Trespassers and strange, panicked warriors of unfamiliar colors.

Landsmen villages and the outskirts of Port burned; the remnants of the Temple Guard faded with the passing of seasons, replaced by Guildsmen and militia.

There are many places outside Port where red iron spears, armor, old bones and blades lie just beneath the surface. The Landsmen plant trees on these spots or quietly bury remains deeper when they are disturbed by mule-pulled ploughs. Landsmen whisper stories of the Farthest Battle by firelight, and treat its echoes with care.

[ Posted by Reason on March 10, 2005 ]