Te Meri Retells the Dying God's Dream
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Itmos and the Unwalked Way

Nuri dreamed the Great Dream; her spirit passed into the World Beyond, traversing the Unwalked Way for the first time. She told of her visions on her return from the realm of Gods and great spirits, and thus it came to pass that five tens of her Hundred set forth into the World to seek out the bones of the Dying God.

It was Feisa, daughter of Huseva, who was daughter of Tomorik of the Hundred, who discovered the far Bones we are charged to protect. Yet in her time, short generations after the time of Nuri, the Dying God had Passed. Passed, yes, but still breathing warmth into the World.

We recall Feisa in the name of our community, in the duties of Families and Worshippers beneath the spreading Bones of the Dead God. You may fight with other Families, argue with your Family, even disrespect your Family Head, but the Bones are a trust to our Tribe; no-one may argue with that.

[ Posted by Reason on March 24, 2005 ]