Ter of the Sectless on Lisat
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The Treatise of Lisat argues that "Within the Realm of the World and Sky, it is manifestly observed that there is Spirit and there is Material. What else must we argue Material to be but the Spirit, the Divine Will, taken solid form? Once this fundamental equivalence is accepted, as accepted it must be, much that was mysterious will become clear to the thinker."

Well chosen as her words are, the obsessive arguments within the works of Lisat towards the equivalence of God and Material must be ignored if the truth within is to be seen. Previous generations have known her as a heretic, and justly so. Still, many of her words illustrate the Divine about us - too much is taken for granted in the communities of the World. Susyan and Wohken become inured to the teachings of priests, as though pretending to be Enierd!

[ Posted by Reason on March 25, 2005 ]