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It happened that the Jonor were leaving after only a handful of wakes as our Worshippers - but anyone who knew old Ede Jonor would recall her restless feet. Timar, Gesin, and Masari all inherited something of that from their mother, although Gesin Jonor wasted her gift in partnering with that Meten boy.

Where was I? Yes, but who should come striding into Feisa, just as the Jonor Family were preparing to depart, but the Wesa! Yes, I see your expressions, and I assure you that they were just as bad when Tani Wesa was still in the World. She had a way of looking at you to make your blood stand still, and her poor children! Ah! But you don't want to hear me tell of the Wesa Family partnerships; another time, another time.

I digress. The Wesa strode into Feisa and immediately demanded to be appointed as Worshippers of the community! Bold as priests they were, bursting with pride in their lineage and ten times as insufferable. Ah! But I could tell you a thing or two about certain partnerships with the Besi and the Tren...

Patience! What could Ede Jonor say? She shrugged - just like this, as she always did - and agreed. Oh, but why would she want to suffer the company of the Wesa Family through any argument? Would you? So away Tani Wesa went, back to her inked, layered, hair-lined tent to sleep. But what happened next? The Jonor quickly chose the Umai as the new Worshippers of Feisa and up and left, all while the Wesa Family slept! Tani Wesa awoke to find the Hall of Worshippers occupied by Mam Umai's Family and the Jonor gone. Believe me when I tell you that none of my Family had ever heard a rage like it!

[ Posted by Reason on March 30, 2005 ]