The Words of Capnen Fasu Ui of the Brotherhood of Knowledge
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Listen closely, Brother Lutnen, Unranked Sister, for I may have a meritous suggestion. It would mean the taking up of staff and pack, a journey of cycles away from our library and your Families - I will not order, merely tell.

During the last two Generations of Accord, many of our Brotherhood became priests at the Great Temple of the One God. Scrolls and knowledge were exchanged even as the Darkness took hold of the World, and even as the Susyan Lords and Councils declared war upon our Tribe. That bond of blood and ink between our Brotherhood and the Sect of Recorders still exists, so it is to the Great Temple that you should turn. Seek there for the missing scrolls of the History of Meten Veun; speak first to my Brother Fasu Jerut, Master of the Tall Vault.

[ Posted by Reason on March 29, 2005 ]