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The Map Makers of the Order of the Provider tell us that the World is two thousand kloms in breadth. The Brotherhood of Knowledge have their maps too, tens upon tens, inked on the leather of our ancestors. Here the great Gap, here the Realm of the World Crafter, here the territory of our Families, our Tribe.

In our community, the air moves gently and constantly towards the World Beyond, comforting in its predictability, neh? In cycles to come, our spirits will ride the high air to the World Beyond, there to see our ancestors. Our skulls will stand in our Family shrine alongside our Fathers' Fathers' Fathers. Feel the high Pathway of the ancestral spirits in the moving air, see the Light of the One God in the far Sky and you can never be far lost. Learn the routes well, follow the old shrines and markers and you will not need the divine bounty of the One God! But journey to see the Itmost gathered about the Great Bones of the Dead God - there, the air is warm and moves back and forth, hither and thither.

At the edges of the World, air moves too fast to breath and hoarfrost coats the rock. The cold paths to the World Beyond are far from this dwelling, far across the empty rock plains and harsh hills, but I have seen them with my own eyes. Indeed, I wandered far with the Cru before returning to our Family and the Wayhouse of our community. You would wish more comfortable lives than mine, crafting with the Brotherhoods, wooing the young of the Meten Family, neh?

[ Posted by Reason on March 23, 2005 ]