Amere Speaks of the Rings of the God-King
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Law and Ritual of the Dispossessed

So it is and so it was; seven rings of divine material were given to the most trusted advisors of the God-King early in the generation of His Rise. Of those, only two remain - the others burned to nothing or lost to the passing cycles. Who holds these gifts from the past? We do, the Born Dispossessed, kept in trust by our Lawmakers for the entire Tribe. One ring was worn by Unborn Erias, the first and greatest of us, in the time of Claiming. The other was brought to the Tribe by Lawmaker Noi himself.

I have seen them, just as you could see them, neh? Travel to the Hall of Congress in Noi and speak to the Lawmaker of the community. You will not be turned away; that is not the way above the Scarp.

Dented and worn like old wood, they are, yet yellow as wood-flame and perfect to the eye. Great as He was, the God-King was not the equal of the World Crafter and the One God. His divine creations have faded in the generations since His Ascension to the Sky.

[ Posted by Reason on April 1, 2005 ]