Hidden, Cliffside Temple
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The traders and fisherfolk who sail between Port and Cael often tell of lanterns that burn by night atop the highest forested cliff of the Watch of Trees. An Ammanene temple of the old style is clearly visible by day from the Unending Sea, carved from the clifftop itself over generations, seemly deserted and overgrown with moss.

No-one knows how many of the ageless Ammanene came to the Enclave in Magi tradeships; very few are to be found in mortal cities, towns and villages. The weight of years presses heavily on the Ammanene and strains relations with their Ammander kin. Long ago, the Ammanene of the Enclave withdrew to the Watch of Trees; dense, trackless forest atop the high cliffs of the Coast Road. There they seek Laelene, the Eldest Tree, in the Farthest Woods - or so it is said.

[ Posted by Reason on April 3, 2005 ]