Horses and Ammander Tradition
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Horses are rare in the Enclave, owned only by nobles and spearmen. The long-lived and elegant breed brought from Ammand lands in Magi tradeships so long ago is raised, bred and trained only at the King's Keep. Ammander warrior tradition disdains mounted fighting as the province of thieves and bandits, just as it disdains the bow as a tool of hunters. Horses from the King's Keep enable companies of spearmen to patrol the Known Roads and hunt Neth in the snows of deep winter, just as they bring greater comfort and mobility to nobles and trusted retainers.

Ammander farmers and merchants never made any great use of the horse even long ago, before the Expansion of the Greater Power and the Vanishing. The grey, stubborn Ammand mule - easy to keep, easy to breed, strong as a man and just as opinionated - serves these folk well enough. When commoners travel, they walk.

[ Posted by Reason on April 29, 2005 ]