Tean's Marker
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Travel the New Road from the red iron gate of Three Stones past the King's Keep, past the Middle Road to Traveler's Stone, past Lorn with wary glances, and you will see Tean's Marker. A great stone carved to the likeness of a spear thrusting up from the ground, the Marker stands atop a ridge overlooking the Odan River Bridge, the River Road to Mirael and the New Road on to Greenwood. Tean - spearman, leader of men, follower of the King's Way - spent his own coin to place the Marker as a challenge. Past this point, the Neth would not pass.

Aged and respected, Tean left the world a generation ago, but King's Keep spearmen still make their first and largest winter camp at the base of Tean's Marker. When falling leaves and the first snows bring the Neth forth to raid, Tean's challenge becomes a matter of pride.

[ Posted by Reason on April 7, 2005 ]