The Blessing of Amral Meten Wei
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As it is and should be, at birth your Son is of the Unranked. His Pathway will be clear, as if of strong Uk wood, and he will learn well. At the end of childhood he will become a prized Second Lutnen. He will be wise in courtship - the rank of First Lutnen will accompany a respectable and appropriate partnership that reflects well on our Family. With age, he will show skill and wisdom; he will know the importance of respect and rise in our Family to become Capnen, Camnel and finally Amral. He will embody the traditions of our Tribe and bring honor to the Family and Brotherhoods he gifts with his time and devotion. This, Sister, is my blessing on your new Son of the Family; may he wear it well in the cycles ahead.

[ Posted by Reason on April 1, 2005 ]