The Joining of the Odan
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Aye, and there's a tale to that old prow high on the wall, bare of islemarks and battered as it is. Maybe you've heard the singing of Krineth's journey down the Farthest Odan - aye, and a fine tale it is too, save for it being Isleblooded Herei who braved the Farthest River with stonefolk wizardry to show the way. There's much to be said for Krineth and his crew, and many to be saying it, but he didn't leap from his tomb to ride the Farthest waters, mark me well! No, the joining of the Odan through the Farthest Wilderness was after Krineth's time.

Aye, the prow. Shaped here, it was, on the docks afore folks were to be using the wizardry of islemarks lest they meant it. Then taken inland it was, a fine fate to befall the results of seafarers' craft! Herei's crew hauled their fresh-built riverboat up the Stone Road past Three Stones and thence the New Road to the deep, fast Odan River. Aye, and there's a task not to be envied; Herei wasn't one to shy from hard work, and that's more than I'll say for most.

The rest of the tale you know already, like as not. The wizardry of the Way Stone bartered from Datarii; the angry waters and rocks; the plunge into the Farthest; the strange riverfolk. Aye, and the prow that found its way back down the coast from the Odanmouth to the seafarers who crafted it.

[ Posted by Reason on April 27, 2005 ]