Beautiful Stranger
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Beauty is kindness in the Farthest, or so the Datarii taught the first mortals to come to the Enclave lands. True beauty shines from within, shines from actions and the momentary self; even the worst can be beautiful, if only for a moment. In stonefolk myth, the Beautiful Stranger wanders the Farthest Halls to guide the Lost to safety. She is as much a vision as Power, an ideal made real by the kindness of Visitors. The Beautiful Stranger wears many faces other than her own; to act for her is to be her.

Ammander and Vanished Isle folk took the Beautiful Stranger as one of their own, just as for other Datarii Powers. The Farthest is strange and often threatening for mortal folk; the watchful kindness of the Beautiful Stranger is a necessary comfort. Datarii lessons from long ago took root and flourished - so it is that descendants of Magi and the old Ammand have long said "be kind to those of the Farthest, and you will be gifted in turn," and "be kind to the Lost, for one day their need will be yours." They visit shrines to place coin at the feet of the Beautiful Stranger, treat Visitors with respect and help the Lost.

In time, as settlement of the Enclave spread beyond Port and the coast villages, the old Ammander traditions of healing and charity came to be associated with the Beautiful Stranger; this is the given role of kindness from the Farthest in the mortal Enclave lands.

[ Posted by Reason on May 30, 2005 ]